Refund And returns Policy

Time :

You have 30 days from the time you receive the package to request a refund. Any request for a refund after this period will be considered null and void. Hence, will not be fulfilled.

Method of refund:

Your refund will provided back to you in the same manner you made the purchase. Hence if purchase was made via Credit card, wire transfer or paypal then expect your refund in the same manner respectively. Duration of refund may vary depending on the payment method. Please contact us at if you have any further questions.

Product Condition:

The purchased item must still in the same condition as shipped out to be eligible for refund. We are not liable for external damages to the product such as that cost by water, fire or electrical outages. Please ensure the miner is in the same condition as received before requesting a refund.

Refund Contact Info:

To initiate a refund a user can simply contact us either through our email at or via our telephone line at 7722028384 and we will begin the refund process. Please ensure you have receipt of completion of payment for verification purposes.


If a user requests a refund. The said user, has to pay the shipping charges to have the device shipped back to our location. We will however reimburse you in full in addition to reimbursing your full payments. There are no extra or hidden charges for users to pay to secure a refund.


If Purchaser is not satisfied with the merchandise, Purchaser can return the merchandise for a refund or replacement of the same merchandise within 30 days from date of purchase.  All returns shall be refunded to the original purchase price minus the original shipping fee, the return shipping fee, and a handling and restocking fee of 20%. Prior to returning any merchandise, Purchaser must contact Seller at  7722028385 or Seller will refuse any collect shipment.

If the merchandise was damaged during shipping, Purchaser has the right to refuse the delivery, and Purchaser will not incur any return shipping charges or handling and restocking fees.  However, if Purchaser accepts the merchandise and does not note any specific damage(s) on the freight bill, then the merchandise cannot be returned without incurring the return shipping charges and handling and restocking fees mentioned in the above paragraph.